The Friends Of Gungi

updated 1.16.07
Hi all,

Sorry for the form letter and I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get this information out to all of you but I wanted to update you all regarding my current health condition. Please feel free to pass this along to all who know me.

Anyway, here is the story...

I have some difficult news to pass along; On the 27th August 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer, I have blocked lymph nodes in my neck which are a secondary cancer, the doctors found squamous cell cancer (a type of skin cancer) in the nodes but can't find the primary cancer. I've been c/t scanned and PET c/t scanned but nothing shows up. The doctors at my HMO want to use what I can only describe as a "blunt instrument" to work on me, they would like to perform a radical neck section which would remove the entire lymph from the right side of my neck, they would remove the sternocleomastoid muscle (the major muscle which holds your neck upright) and the jugular vein from the right side of my neck, I would likely loose the access nerve which would mean my right arm would not raise above 90% and then treat me with high dose radiation from the bridge of my nose to my shoulders which is where they assume the primary cancer is hiding.

I saw no light at the end of that approach only a great deal of suffering, deformity and a box so I've adopted an alternative approach.

I began with an ND (natural doctor) the day after my diagnosis, she radically changed my diet and started me on a regime of supplements and herbs to help strengthen and cleanse my body. 5 days later I began working with a second ND who started me on trace minerals and large doses of vitamin C, both orally and intravenously and added herbal supplements to boost my immune system. We did a comprehensive blood analysis and found many things out of balance and out with the normal ranges in my blood. After just 20 days of this treatment we again looked at my blood and everything was back into normal ranges so I decided that I could do some work and went to Japan with Fiona Apple for a week and to Europe with Tears For Fears for 8 weeks, the work was easy and allowed me the space and time to take care of myself and maintain my diet and supplement regime. While in Europe (we were in Antwerp for 5 weeks and Rotterdam for 2 weeks) I was able to find some really talented natural healers, an osteopath, an acupuncturist and an ND to work with and who actually expanded my program by boosting the IV vitamin C to mega levels.

Through all this I felt great, in fact better than I've felt in years both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Upon my return home at the beginning of December I had another c/t scan which unfortunately showed that the work I had done had not been as successful as I had hoped, the tumors in my neck have continued to grow and there is also some evidence of possible metastasis to my liver and abdomen. The good news is that the cancer has not moved to my brain or lungs. Over the next few days I traveled  down to San Francisco, I saw a panel of Doctors at Stanford who offered me basically the same radical neck surgery and coarse of high dosage radiation that my HMO surgeon here in Seattle has offered, I feel that once again what is being offered is a "blunt instrument" and offers no real quality of life after the treatment. Bridget has talked with people who have followed this treatment and although they are happy to be alive their quality of life is severely compromised, the financial implications are ruinous and they are unable to do any meaningful work after the treatment.

Now for the bad news... the Doctors at Stanford felt that if left unchecked the masses in my neck would continue to grow and in a matter of weeks rather than months they will impact my carotid artery with the catastrophic outcome of either severe stroke or severe hemorrhage.

There is however some hope... while in San Francisco I also saw another Doctor. He is an MD but is not what you would call mainstream, he is open to a complimentary approach using allopathic and holistic therapies. He and some associates are offering a "metabolic program", this involves me traveling to a hospital in Mexico for at least 10 days and receiving a coarse of low dosage radiation (approx. 15% of normal US levels), micro dose chemotherapy and they will use my blood to make 5 different lines of vaccines which will reeducate my blood and allow my immune system to recognize the cancer and attack it in an aggressive manner. The program also involves deep cleansing of all the organs and systems of my body and a comprehensive coarse of nutrients and immune system support and would continue for 4 or 5 months once I return to the US.

I felt that I must take this chance and Bridget and I headed South on 20th December 2006.

The work in Mexico went really well and there is noticeable shrinkage in the tumor mass!! I've had just 10 days of complimentary therapies down there and the tumor mass reduced between 30% & 40%.

I've had low dose radiation, microdose chemotherapy, 1 vaccine treatment (the hospital is in the process of making 5 lines of vaccine made from my blood), chelation therapy, artery cleansing therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, "Rife" machine therapy, herbal baths, poultices, daily enemas, immune support therapy, adrenal support therapy, etc. All these treatments compliment each other and play a part in healing my body.

None of this has made me feel sick!! I feel strong and well and I'm ready to continue the treatments in California.

I am an experiment in process, I believe that I will regain my whole health and show our friends and peers in this business that there is a different way to approach the cancers that I believe will be the curse of our generation and the generations to come.

No fear, no pity only courage and strength.

- Gungi