Updated 4.11.24

Monday, September 28th, 2009

We at FRIENDSOFGUNGI.com are sad to announce that Gordon "Gungi" Paterson passed away today after a 3 year battle with cancer. With degrees of sadness, with a smile that comes automatically to our faces whenever we think of him, and with relief that his long suffering has finally ended, we want to thank everyone that has come to this site, that has passed on their well wishes and good vibes and that has contributed so greatly to his battle and to the future of his surviving family.

The feelings that have been expressed through the guestbook pages, the emails & phone calls, the postings online at various sites all made such a huge difference to gungi during his fight - it gave him strength through encouragement and kept him going as long as he could - and he definitely takes all of those thoughts and feelings with him..

Gungi and his family always dedicated themselves to the holistic and spiritual world - he was in touch and tune with the earth, the sky - the universe as a whole. According to Gungi's wishes there will be no singular memorial with family and friends in seattle - as he and Bridget felt that they went through all of this over the past couple of months - the whole summer has been a wake / rememberance where Gungi was able to take phone calls, emails, postings, etc.. and we were all able to celebrate his life with him.

Instead of a singular memorial, gungi will be cremated and his ashes will be spread over St. Andrews in Scotland - his wishes were to be back in his beloved Scotland where his family is from.

We will take some time and will figure out a good place and time where as to have a fitting tribute / memorial to the man that we all love and respect. We will post it and distribute it as soon as we can.

As we did all through this process we continue to encourage people to write into the site, to post their feelings in the guest book - most of all to please make contributions to the paypal account of the FRIENDSOFGUNGI.com website because the family is in need now more than ever; we will also continue to process the sale of pieces of equipment and memorabilia that Gungi wanted to sell to raise funds for the family, etc..

Thank you again for everything that everyone has done - we are all thinking about him today and we all should keep thinking about him and what he meant to all of us.

Raymond Amico